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The Wesley Centre Story

From the early days of meeting in private houses the Wesleyan Methodists then used an old malting house in Schorne Lane [formerly Holy Well Lane] in the 1820’s. This was demolished and a small chapel was built on the site which opened in August 1833. This was subsequently replaced in 1864 by the building that stands today which, according to the 1899 Kellys’ Directory, had capacity for two hundred. So says the The North Marston Story [p66], a book published by the North Marston History Club in 2014. ​It’s this building that has been refurbished and renamed ‘The Wesley Centre’ keeping the link with Methodism whose root lies with the brothers John and Charles Wesley.​


The church has now become a multi-use community hall intended to be used in the following ways: occasional church services and midweek church activities and events, a History Club Heritage Centre,  mid-week events and meetings, regular village coffee stop, Brownie venue, social gatherings such as for Baptism and Funeral gatherings, family anniversaries and parties and even business meetings.


​The Centre is run by the Ecumenical Church Council which is the governing body of St Mary’s Church and The Methodist Church formed when the two churches combined and the Methodist building closed for worship in 2004.​

The Wesley Centre Hire 

This newly renovated building has been purposely designed as a venue for parties, activity groups, and wedding receptions and as a conference and meeting room for small businesses. With it timber framed vaulted ceiling, giving it a light and airy feel, it is a perfect venue for many uses and occasions, with a maximum capacity of up to 80 people.


​The main Hall, with its wooden floor, consists of a  9m x 7m space (approx), with an adjoining carpeted area to the side. This side area is suitable as a break out or meeting room area. Within the Centre there are sufficient portable folding tables and chairs for all occasions.​ The Wesley Centre has a modern heating, fully connected audio sound system, including black-out blinds to enable the room to be used for presentations.​


Adjacent to the side area of the Centre, is a serving hatch/bar and to the rear of this is a modern kitchen, with sufficient matching crockery and cutlery for the venue. As you would expect with a modern facility it has full access and disabled toilet facilities.​

To book the Hall, or to make enquiries about doing so please contact the Booking Clerk: Anne Ketterige who can be contacted on Tel: 07984791364 or via email


In order to secure the booking, please download the booking form, ensure you have read and understood the conditions for hire attached, then sign confirming your acceptance and send pages 1 and 2 of this Application of Hire form together with payment (Cheque payable to North Marston ECC, Wesley Centre) for the total amount of hire charges including deposit and give to the Booking Clerk.​Currently there are a number of regular bookings in addition to other adhoc events, so please do enquire, as some of the bookings can be flexible with their dates, to accommodate other requirements.

To download the booking form please click here:

How to book the Hall

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